Imagine: A utopian socialist commune on the banks of the Trinity River in Dallas.

That was the dream of Victor Prosper Considerant’s La Reunion colony, which planted in what is now part of Dallas from 1855-58.

Some 300 colonists, from France, Belgium and Switzerland, intended to follow the ideals of what is now called “utopian socialism.” Considerant had hoped to create a network of agrarian socialist colonies throughout the Southwest.

The colony lasted on its socialist ideals only about 18 months and eventually fell apart because of financial struggles. Considerant couldn’t secure enough investors, he spent too much on real estate, and costs in Texas were higher than expected.

Some of the colonists stayed in Dallas, including the Loupots, Remonds, Reverchons and Santerres. There’s nothing tangible left of La Reunion Colony except for this cemetery.

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