(Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

Former Dallas Police chief David Brown’s life story contains incomprehensible tragedy.

Following the police shooting in Dallas on July 7, 2016, Brown made the rounds on national TV news and was featured in news stories all over the world. He released a memoir earlier this year.

We caught this 30-minute interview with Brown on the “Criminal” podcast earlier this summer. It’s a succinct summation of Brown’s story and contains some poignant details about the July 7 shooting.

The Oak Cliff native tells the story of finding out that his partner and mentor, police officer Walter Williams, had been killed in Oak Cliff in 1988. And he goes into the incident in which his 27-year-old son died in a hail of bullets after he shot and killed a Lancaster Police officer and another person. Brown also talks about his reluctant conversion to community policing and why he wanted to be police in the first place.

Give it a listen here.