The Stevie Ray Vaughan Scholarship Fund awarded $4,000 college scholarships to 10 middle school students recently and announced its first graduate-school scholarship.

Now in its 25th year, the fund has donated a total of $812,500 to students of W.E. Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy. The students receive their four-year scholarships upon graduation from high school and entrance into college.

This year the fund also awarded its first two-year graduate-school scholarship, $2,000, to Juan Alonzo, who graduated from Texas Christian University last year. Alonzo now is pursuing graduate studies at Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music.

That award was funded by a gift from Joe Bonamassa’s Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation. In addition to that, the school received two trumpets from James Neal’s Trumpets4Kids.

The recipients of this year’s $4,000 undergraduate scholarships are: Jhonna Barragon, Jeffrey Bennett, Julianna Cruz, Michael Dueñas, Gloria Fortner, Cesar Galvan, Gandhy Hernandez, Samara Reyes, Elda Rubio and Leslie Zarazua.