Drug dealer cousins Edgar Solorzano, left, and Victor Solorzano are serving long prison sentences for shooting undercover federal agents in 2015.

A federal judge sentenced a 24-year-old Oak Cliff drug dealer to 19 years in prison this week for firing an AK-47 at undercover officers in 2015.

Edgar Solorzano pleaded guilty in April to two counts of assault on a federal officer, one count of using a firearm during a violent crime and one count of possession of drugs with intent to distribute, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Undercover agents were investigating Solorzano’s 32-year-old cousin, Victor Solorzano, who lived across the street from him on Wilbur Street, for trafficking methamphetamine. The officers were attempting to place a tracking device on Victor Solorzano’s vehicle when the older cousin confronted them and began shooting. The younger cousin joined in the fracas.

The officers sped away in a pickup truck; one was hit four times but wasn’t seriously injured.

The two cousins later hid firearms in an attic and in a neighbor’s yard. Police found six pistols, four rifles and two shotguns, as well as more than 8 grams of methamphetamine in and around the Solorzanos’ homes.

Victor Solorzano was convicted earlier this year and given more than 46 years in prison.