Here is a building that could’ve been demolished.

“We probably should’ve just torn it down and started over,” says Erin Hossley, who bought the former apartment building on Eighth at Madison with her husband and business partner, J.P.,  and DFW M’antiques owner Robert Owen. “Of course, we wanted to keep it because it’s an awesome building.”

The 1930s building required a complete overhaul, everything from asbestos abatement to brick restoration.

“We did everything,” Hossley says. “We basically made a new building.”

The bricks on the exterior had to be repointed or replaced, and while they wanted to keep the exposed bricks, they wound up painting it because the bricks had to be resealed anyway.

M’antiques took up residence in the ground floor earlier this month, vacating the building on West Davis where it opened originally in 2011.

The Hossleys, who own Neighborhood on Bishop, plan to open two Airbnb apartments on the second floor, which they expect to be available in a few weeks.

They’re also working on the backyard, where they hope to screen free movies starting as soon as next month.