(1) Everyone is talking about Quincy Jones’ interview with “Vulture” because he revealed that Richard Pryor hooked up with Marlon Brando in the ’70s. But Jones, who is close friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton, also says that he knows who killed JFK, Chicago mobster Sam Giancano. Call me crazy, but I personally think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

(2) Journalist Barbara Bradley Hagerty takes a deep dive in “The Atlantic” on the case of Benjamine Spencer, who was convicted in the 1987 murder of Jeffrey Young. Young was robbed and killed at his business in the Dallas Design District and dumped in West Dallas. KERA’s “Think” interviewed Hagerty about the story earlier this week.

(3) I’m not sure how I missed Christopher Wynn’s “Strange” podcast, which came out in 2016, but it is produced at Cigar Box Studios in Oak Cliff, and neighborhood resident Jason Reimer composed the music for it. The first episode includes an anecdote, from writer Merrit Tierce, that takes place in Oak Cliff.