The Magnolia Apartments on Zang, once part of J.F. Zang’s Crystal Hill Addition, are now open.

With Downtown views, a streetcar stop and luxury finishes, a two-bedroom apartment there rents for $1,700 a month. That’s for a 1,116-square-foot apartment, which is about $1.52 per square foot.

The average rent in Dallas is about $1,040 a month, according to real estate reporter Steve Brown.

We don’t know how much the rent will be for Alamo Manhattan’s apartment complexes on the eastern corners of Zang at Davis, but we do know they’re called Victor Prosper.

The 302 apartments that Crescent Communities is building on the northeast corner of Zang at Davis are called Novel Bishop Arts.

Over on Fort Worth Avenue, Lincoln Property Co.’s Lincoln Kessler Park apartments are now open. One-bedroom units start at $1,225. That’s for a 732-square-foot apartment, about $1.67 a foot.