A new CVS store on West Davis is expected to open Sunday.

The store, between Zang and Beckley, is on the site of the former Corazon de Tejas restaurant, which relocated to the northern suburbs.

CVS tore down the restaurant’s 1940s building, which originally housed a grocery store, along with a 1980s retail strip.

The new CVS has brick instead of the synthetic stucco of a typical CVS. But it still has suburban form. The CVS faces its own huge parking lot, which is situated right on the main corner near the streetcar line. The back of the store, which faces Beckley, has no public entrance.

The property was not included in the adjacent Oak Cliff Gateway, whose zoning encourages urban form and walkability.

The store is adjacent to three new apartment complexes, Alamo Manhattan’s two-building Victor Prosper and Crescent Communities’ Novel Bishop Arts, which are expected to put a total of about 700 luxury apartments on the market this summer.