Lincoln Property Co.’s Kessler Park retail development is now available for lease.

The development, which offers 57,000 square feet of retail space, also includes a complex of about 300 apartments. It’s the Dallas-based company’s first venture on our side of the river.

The development is on Fort Worth Avenue at Plymouth, on the site of the former Colorado Place Apartments.

We took a little wander around over there the other day and decided to point out a few aspects that we found appealing.

The developer widened the public sidewalk and added these nice streetlights. We assume that trees and landscaping will be dropped in soon. The development is on a high point with a view of Downtown.

The development has urban form, at least to the extent that the buildings’ entrances meet the sidewalk. This view is from Fort Worth Avenue.

The parking lot is at the back of the development so that the building facades face the street. The shops have entrances from the parking lot and the street. It’s a shame that CVS couldn’t bring themselves to do this in Bishop Arts.

We’re a little less impressed with the mix of materials here. The builders employed brick, synthetic stucco and horizontal wood planks.

Ever since Dallas Landmark Commission member Michael Amonett pointed out the already-tired trend of horizontal wood planks, it’s all I can see.