The L.O. Daniel neighborhood is starting a new chapter.

Today begins the post-Tyvek era for a corner house that’s been in various stages of construction for a decade.

Workers began installing siding on the house, at the corner of North Marlborough and West Davis, which neighbors have taken to calling “Tyvek towers” because of the house wrap that’s been flapping around it for years.

Ricardo Torres purchased the lot from his mother and began building the house in 2008, shortly after the death of his father. Torres lost his job and ran into some other troubles not long after. He continued to add to his original building plans until the house took up nearly the entire lot and rose three stories. The project took him deeply into debt, and he couldn’t finish it.

City code violations piled up.

In 2014 it went on the market for $399,000. A group of investors bought it in 2016, and we later learned that Torres himself was part of that investment group.

They had plans to turn it into a duplex, although nothing seemed to be happening until this year, when a retaining wall was built.

And then today, ten years later, it’s goodbye, Tyvek, finally.