An image of Eighth Street between Llewellyn and Adams, via Google Maps

Update: The owner pulled their replat application before the City Plan Commission meeting.

We told you Tuesday about an owner’s request to create one massive property out of 11 smaller ones in the Bishop Arts District.

The City Plan Commission typically green lights “replats” such as these as long as they’re in line with city ordinances, and it could be argued that this one is.

But then it came to our attention that City Plan Commission member Chad West recently has opposed two replat cases based on one sentence in the Dallas Development Code related to replats. The rest of the commission backed West and the cases were denied.

The section states:

Lots must conform in width, depth and area to the pattern already established in the adjacent areas, having due regard to the character of the area, its particular suitability for development, and taking into consideration the natural topography of the ground, drainage, wastewater facilities, and the proposed layout of streets.

The commission will take up the Bishop Arts case at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, and it’ll be among the first cases of the day.

Anyone wishing to oppose the case can attend the meeting in City Council chambers at City Hall. Or email their opposition to