Nils Lofgren

Update: The guitars were found and returned to Nils Lofgren.

A guitarist best known for his work in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street band fell victim to a robbery in Oak Cliff last week.

Nils Lofgren played a solo show at the Kessler Theater Friday even though all of his guitars had been stolen the night before.

Three Takamine acoustic guitars, an electric Fender Stratocaster and an electric harp were taken from his van, which was parked at the Holiday Inn Express near Interstate 30 and Cockrell Hill.

It was only the second stop on Lofgren’s tour.

He tweeted out: “It won’t be the show I was planning on. However, I do plan on taking the roof off.”

Former bandmate Howard Kweller, a doctor who lives in Greenville, loaned Lofgren a guitar for the Kessler show.