Photo by David Leeson

Another old Oak Cliff building went down today.

Vet Stop, at the corner of Colorado and Beckley, was under demolition this morning.

Veterinarian Vladimir DeJong, who had owned the business since 1990, died after an accident in November.

Methodist Health System owns the lot.

The building was mentioned in the Warren Commission Report and holds significance among JFK conspiracy theorists. In 1963, it was Dobbs House Restaurant, where Lee Harvey Oswald, Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit and Jack Ruby were said to have had breakfast or coffee regularly.

A waitress at Dobbs told the FBI that three days before the JFK assassination, Oswald came into the restaurant and was “nasty,” using curse words because he was unhappy with his eggs. She said Tippit, who Oswald later shot to death, was in the restaurant at the time and “shot a glance at Oswald,” although she said there was no indication they knew each other.

Below is the text from the Warren report.