Treats from NOLAsnoballs on Jefferson Boulevard. Photo by Kathy Tran

Have you found your new favorite Oak Cliff snow cone yet?

After Aunt Stelle’s closed for good, we pitched a few substitutes in the June Advocate.

One of our new favorites is Jafan, a snow cone shop on Kiest near Hampton, and we informed you that Jafan has pink lady snow cones on the menu.

Aunt Stelle’s pink lady snow cone famously cost 25 cents extra, and the recipe is a secret.

Second-generation Aunt Stelle’s owner Lee Albert wrote to clear that up:

It’s not the pink lady that people will remember from Aunt Stelle’s. That was one we invented and have never, nor will we ever, give out our recipe. Others try, but it’s just not the same.

She’s gone. But we think the prevailing flavor of pink lady was vanilla? What do y’all think?