Photo by Danny Fulgencio

The man accused of killing his friend, burying him under concrete and stealing his Oak Cliff duplex in 2015 could face a jury before the end of the year.

The murder trial of Christopher Brian Colbert, a former photojournalist and entrepreneur from Dallas, is set for Nov. 5.

christopher colbert

Christopher Colbert

Colbert is accused of strangling Oak Cliff native Ron Shumway to death, binding him with neckties and burying his body under concrete. He also is accused of forging Shumway’s identity to sell his house. Police say Colbert admitted to killing Shumway when they were drunk because he was afraid his friend would kill him.

A real estate investor uncovered Shumway’s body in September 2015, several months after he was killed.

The Advocate later uncovered a trail of real estate documents in the case.

The Dallas Voice reports that Colbert’s case had been set for trial in March, and Colbert complained to the court about his appointed attorney. Colbert wrote to the court clerk that he has bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, the weekly newspaper reported.

“I’ve told him I take psych meds and I have trouble understanding what he’s talking about and he’s refused and ignored my requests.”