An Oak Cliff Lions Club member delivering Meals on Wheels with his daughter last week rescued a man who had fallen in his apartment near Kiest Park.

George Kelly, 74, fell and became stuck between his couch and coffee table. He lay there for two days, unable to get up or crawl, the Dallas Morning News reports.

Charlie Tupper and his adult daughter, Abby Tupper, told the newspaper that they knocked on Kelly’s door and got no answer for a few minutes. Eventually, Kelly did answer and said to leave his lunch on the doorknob. That didn’t sit right with Charlie Tupper, so after they made all their deliveries, they went back to check on Kelly.

This time, he told them he needed help.

They alerted the manager of the senior housing complex, which sent rescuers.

“Charlie and Abby saved my life. If it hadn’t been for Meals on Wheels coming by, there’s no telling how much longer I’d have laid there,” Kelly told the newspaper.