How about those prices?

The cost of one $5.99 Wednesday enchilada special could buy six 95-cent filet mignons with drink and dessert at the old-school El Fenix.

The Oak Cliff El Fenix was built in 1948. It was the second El Fenix, built 30 years after the original Downtown.

The building at 120 E. Colorado made the Advocate’s architecture at-risk list last year.

From that story:

El Fenix founder Miguel Martinez Sr., known as Mike, had an inspirational immigration story. He started driving mules in his hometown in Nuevo Leon, Mexico at age 7. After moving to Dallas in 1911, he washed dishes at a Downtown hotel for 14 years, even after he started El Fenix in 1918. His eight children took over the restaurant business in the 1940s, and Martinez paid for a plaza, roads, electricity and a well in his hometown, now part of Villaldama.

The Martinez family sold El Fenix to Firebird Restaurant Group for a reported $30 million in 2008.