Photography by Danny Fulgencio.

Buddy Barrow and Rhea Leen Linder exit his Ford F-150 and make toward the worn path to the Barrow gravesite in Western Heights Cemetery.

Passersbys walking on Fort Worth Avenue stop them with a question.

Linder, 84, and tiny as a bird, tells them, yes, this is where Clyde Barrow is buried.

She’s friendly and talkative. Rhea Leen was born Bonnie Ray Parker after her aunt, the notorious outlaw from Cement City whose story has touched millions of people the world over.

The aging heir to a notorious legacy, Linder made it her mission to move her aunt Bonnie Parker from Crown Hill Cemetery to Western Heights Cemetery in West Dallas to lie beside her love, Clyde Barrow.

Photography by Danny Fulgencio.