Many of Oak Cliff’s first settlers, members of La Reunion Colony, were French. And since 2009, Bishop Arts is the home of Bastille on Bishop. Now we’re getting a French boutique.

Marcel Market could open at the end of this week in the 200 block of North Bishop.

Husband-and-wife business partners Amelie and Gregory Monvoisin are from Paris. Gregory’s father has lived in Los Angeles since the 1980s and is married to an American, so the couple has been traveling to the United States for years.

“We just discovered Texas about four yeas ago,” Amelie says.

They say they “fell in love” with the Bishop Arts District right away.

Amelie, who owned a small boutique in Paris, says Marcel carries only French things. Most are handmade or small batch and organic, and they have a few things that aren’t sold anywhere else in the United States.

That includes candy and cookies, snacks and mustard from Dijon. The shop also carries skin-care items, ceramics, jewelry and women’s clothing.

“There are so many possibilities in this city,” Amelie says. “We really love the people here.”

Marcel Market is in Exxir Capital’s expansion of Bishop Arts, across the street from Azucar.