Where do you take a 93-year-old trophy for lunch in Dallas?

If you’re the “keeper of the cup” with a hankering for  chicken fried steak, it’s Norma’s Café on West Davis.

Toronto resident and Hockey Hall of Fame historian Howie Borrow is the guy who hauls the 3-foot-tall Stanley Cup championship trophy to media appearances and hockey games. The Dallas Morning News reported that after a morning full of photo ops, Borrow told his driver he was craving chicken-fried steak.

Norma’s Cafe posted the above photo Monday: “When the keeper of the cup asks where the best Chicken Fried Steak in Dallas is, you already know where they sent him!”

Norma’s chicken-fried steak and the Dallas Stars have a history.

Former Stars goalie Marty Turco drew the winners for Norma’s chicken-fried-steak day fundraiser in November.