Photo courtesy of A Hundred Ravens

Habitat for Humanity ReStore worker Amy Glover needled her way into a crime mystery last week.

She found piles of luxury hand-died yarn for sale at the store where she works on Hampton Road and decided to pick a couple of skeins up for her knitting group, WFAA reports.

But then she wondered, where did all this fancy yarn come from? So she asked the store manager, who said two men had arrived that morning with a trailer full of the stuff to donate. The men declined a tax receipt and took off with the trailer.

Glover googled the yarn company’s name, A Hundred Ravens in Bookline, New Hampshire. She found that the owner, in Dallas for the DFW Fiberfest, had lost virtually her entire business when her trailer full of yarn samples was stolen from their hotel in Irving.

Glover reached the owner, Becca Purdin, by phone just as she was heading down the highway to go back home.

Purdin is still missing some of her inventory, plus the trailer.

But friends held an online auction that raised $12,500 for her.

“Texans are amazing,” she told WFAA. “Two guys did something crappy. But everybody came out of the woodwork to help. Texans are my favorite people … they really know how to help, especially in such a loving and proactive way. It just made everything OK.”