It showed up in the Rent-A-Center parking lot about a week ago.

This orange semitrailer was somehow taco-ed and abandoned in the 300 block of South Hampton Road. Then someone tagged it.

If you’re coming from Tom Thumb and attempting the difficult left turn onto Hampton from Wentworth, it seems like it could’ve been placed there on purpose. Is this commentary on reckless driving? Does that blue paint say “Slomo”? Like, is it telling us to take it easy out there? Is this art?

It is in the color scheme of Is this propaganda? Like, “this is your lungs on e-cigs”?

Good imagination, Oak Cliff, but the answer is no.

It’s just an abandoned trailer. Ronnie Bilbrey of RP Texas, the shopping center’s owner, says police investigated and found that it’s a stolen semitrailer that someone dumped on their property.

RP Texas was hoping the police would haul it away but no such luck. It’s the property owner’s responsibility.

Bilbrey says their towing contractor couldn’t move it, so he had to find a towing company that could.

“It’s terrible. Our tenants are complaining. We want it gone,” he says. “It’s not an easy thing to move a damaged trailer.”

The trailer should be gone soon, as Bilbrey had just made contact with a wrecking company capable of the job when we spoke Monday afternoon.