Artist Miguel Donjuan designed the artwork for panels that will be used in mini-pitches in five parks throughout the city. Photo via @carlosdonjuan

The City of Dallas remade the tennis court at Lake Cliff Park into a soccer mini-pitch.

Target and the U.S. Soccer Foundation paid for the transformation. It’s part of Target’s $6 million effort to install 100 mini-pitches across the country by 2020. It’s part of the soccer foundation’s It’s Everyone’s Game campaign to build 1,000 “safe playing places” by 2026.

“The new mini-pitches are significant because this partnership has given underutilized municipal tennis courts new purposes,” a City of Dallas media release states.

That’s a much better attitude than the city had a few years ago when somebody called the police on people playing bike polo on the Lake Cliff tennis court. The city and police at that time insisted the court could be used only for tennis.

The makeover includes funding to program the mini-pitch with activities. This is the first of five similar min-pitch projects in Dallas parks.