From Guy Reynolds’ “Back Doors” series, 2013.

Have you ever seen a project — visual art, a song, a poem, a book — that is so simple and beautiful that it makes you a little jealous?

Why didn’t I think of that?

That’s how I felt about Guy Reynolds’ 2013 “Back Doors” series, in which the longtime Dallas Morning News photo editor photographed the side of Jefferson Boulevard you don’t see.

Find the entire series here.

Reynolds who fought stage 4 esophageal cancer in 2016 and won, “lost his battle with depression” this week, according to a social media post from his wife, journalist Nancy Visser.

Reynolds, who started as a photographer at the daily newspaper in 1996, was known as a dedicated Meals On Wheels volunteer who was enthusiastic about Dallas and journalism.

Check out more of his personal work here.