The Dallas Police Department is looking for a man they say committed about 45 robberies of people he met on Facebook Marketplace.

A man using the names Ashton Money, Ashton Make Cash and Keisha Jackson offered to buy MacBooks and iPhones from people on the app. He then made arrangements to meet people in person. When they arrived, he would show them an envelope of cash but later switch the envelopes and take off with the goods.

Police say their suspect in the crimes is 19-year-old Ashton Moore.

Police say at least 20 people were lured to the 1900 block of North Argentia in the Wynnewood area since April. Another 25 were targeted in northern Dallas beginning last year, police say.

According to KDFW:

Moore is seen on Facebook with weapons, though he hasn’t used them. Det. Early hopes to get him before he does.

“This guy’s very smart. He’s gotten away with it a number of times, but we’re trying stop that and get him in custody,” Det. Early said.

Anyone with information on Moore’s location is asked to call Detective Bret Early, 214.671.0523 or text him at 214.701.1734.