Lamb chops at Nova. Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Food writer and editor Beth Rankin is moving on to higher elevations.

The Oak Cliff resident served as food editor of the Dallas Observer for three and a half years and is leaving to take a job at the Denver Post.

In her goodbye column, Rankin writes a little love note to Oak Cliff:

I found the best dining experiences within a mile or two of my home in Oak Cliff. I rented three different places in Dallas but never managed to leave the 75208 ZIP code — and why would I? The walkability, the history, the sense of community and badass food made Oak Cliff impossible to leave.

Rankin’s list of her seven favorite restaurants and bars in Dallas includes five that are in Oak Cliff: Nova, Reveler’s Hall, The Wild Detectives, El Jordan and Small Brewpub. Read about them here.