Photo by Kathy Tran.

That two-story restaurant building on West Davis claimed another victim.

Several restaurants have come and gone from 607 N. Willomet over the past seven or eight years, none lasting very long there. The building can be seen from West Davis, but unfortunately, doesn’t face the street. No matter how many vinyl signs they put up announcing “kids eat free” and the like, no restaurateur so far has made the space work.

This one is even more tragic than some of the others because Mi Lindo Oaxaca was unlike any other restaurant in Oak Cliff. It started out on Fort Worth Avenue, a local favorite until the Dallas Observer blew it up in 2016. After that, the owners moved into the bigger space on Willomet.

That made us super nervous, considering the restaurant graveyard that building has become. But we were kept a positive attitude, imploring Oak Cliff neighbors to take a “staycation” at Mi Lindo Oaxaca.

Pero, no.

It didn’t work.

And now the awful day has come.

Mi Lindo Oaxaca is closed.