Bike Friendly Oak Cliff board members Ben Coffee, Thomas Cantu and Amanda Popken worked for years to get the city to install a bike and scooter rack in this spot. Photo courtesy of Amanda Popken

It took about five years of bird-dogging, but Bike Friendly Oak Cliff finally got the City of Dallas to install a bike and scooter rack at the southwest corner of Seventh Street and Bishop Avenue.

The struggle started in 2015 with one of the city’s short-lived “bike czars,” who agreed to their proposal but then took a job in another city. More recently, Transportation Director Mike Rogers and city staff member Sherman Livingston made it happen as part of a larger plan to install these racks strategically around the city.

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff is planning a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the corral to coincide with its annual Paletas y Bicicletas event on Saturday, March 14 at about 3:15 p.m.

The nonprofit wants to encourage neighbors around Bishop Arts to ride their bikes to enjoy the district.

“We want [the ribbon cutting] to be like a red carpet for neighbors,” Popken says. “If you live close enough, this is your experience that only you get to be a part of.”