Don’t subscribe to a streaming service? Your Dallas Library card gets you access to audio and ebooks as well as TV shows and movies.

“When Dallas Rocked,” former Oak Cliff resident Kirby Warnock’s documentary about the era when Dallas was an important hub for rock ‘n’ roll, airs on KERA at 10 p.m. Thursday. You can also rent it on Vimeo for $5.

“The Confession Killer” on Netflix is a must. This limited series about Henry Lee Lucas, once considered the worst serial killer in history, is not another gratuitous true-crime story. It showcases the reporting of Dallas-based journalist Hugh Aynesworth, one of the few who had the story right, and spills so much Dallas tea, you won’t believe it.

We couldn’t find Errol Morris’ “The Thin Blue Line” for free anywhere, but it’s considered one of the greatest documentaries of all time and could be worth a few bucks to rent. The event in question in the movie took place on North Hampton Road in West Dallas. Watch it and then watch the “Documentary Now!” spoof of it, “The Eye Doesn’t Lie.”

Also watch “The Highwaymen” on Netflix, which tells the story of notorious West Dallas outlaws Bonnie and Clyde through the eyes of the lawmen who hunted them.

Netflix also has “Dallas Buyers Club,” the 2013 biopic about Ron Woodroof, who contracted AIDS in the mid-1980s and smuggled unapproved pharmaceuticals for himself and other Dallas patients. The movie is based on a Dallas Morning News magazine story by Bill Minutaglio, who lived in Oak Cliff at the time. Minutaglio and his wife, Holly Williams, wrote the book on Oak Cliff history “The Hidden City.”

How many of your middle-aged friends took ecstasy and partied at the Starck Club in Dallas? Watch “Sex, Drugs, Design: Warriors of the Discotheque,” which is included with Prime Video.

Have you watched “11.22.63,” on Prime Video? It’s a limited series based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, a time-travel story about a guy who goes back to live in the 1960s and try and stop the JFK assassination. It’s pretty entertaining, and part of it was filmed in Oak Cliff, at 214 W. Neely, where JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald once lived.

“Mars Needs Women,” the 1967 movie starring Oak Cliff-raised Yvonne Craig, was filmed largely in Dallas. It’s available with Prime Video.