Eno’s Pizza Tavern makes it easy to give food to people in need.

Along with your order, the restaurant’s website offers the option to send any of five menu items to a their nonprofit of the week.

This week it’s Brother Bill’s Helping Hand, a nonprofit in West Dallas that provides food and healthcare to those who cannot afford it. Next week will be Our Calling, which serves the homeless. Find the five items under the “Help Your Neighbor” tab.

Eno’s also is collaborating with other Bishop Arts businesses to make the most of its delivery service. The restaurant now delivers Melt Ice Creams, and they’re working on delivery schemes with Society and Mosaic Makers as well. Eno’s website also offers a “mystery bag” from Spinster Records; it’s five records for $11.

There’s also the option to straight-up donate $25 to Eno’s employees. The 12-year-old family owned company has grown to include two other locations, and each one has about 50 employees, many of whom are now temporarily out of work or on reduced hours. Some of Eno’s furloughed employees are now working at Our Calling through Shiftsmart. Eno’s owner Shane Spillers says Our Calling has gone from serving 250 meals a day to more than 500 since the coronavirus crisis began.

Eno’s, which also owns Brewed LTD at Novel Bishop Arts, offers employee benefits, and those who stayed with the company, even on furlough and reduced hours, kept their benefits. The company also eliminated its linen and overnight cleaning services to give some employees extra hours taking on those chores.

Spillers says he came up with the “Help Your Neighbor” plan as a way to serve nonprofits while keeping as many people employed as possible.

“The name of the game is how can we help our neighbors and keep our people employed,” he says.