Amber Padilla and Jonathan Smith planned their wedding for Sunday, March 22.

It was supposed to be at her parents’ house with 150 guests. But things started shutting down the week before their wedding, and they decided to get married on March 20 at the Oak Cliff courthouse by Justice of the Peace Judge Juan Jasso. Twelve of their closest family members and friends attended the ceremony.

It turned out to be the last day they could’ve gotten married at the courthouse, as Dallas County stay-at-home orders started the following Monday.

Amber says of their memorable wedding day:

“We got so lucky because we know another couple that got married the same day, and the judge did not allow them to bring any guests. I didn’t wear my wedding dress that I planned to wear, so I bought a casual one online to wear. We had a small cake, drinks and celebration at my parents’ house right after. As much as things changed and didn’t go as planned, it was the most special day of my life. When the judge gave us our vows, and I was looking into Jonathan’s eyes, nothing that didn’t go as planned mattered anymore. I married my best friend that day and that’s what really mattered!”
The honeymoon:
We were supposed to go to Oaxaca for our honeymoon but had to cancel the trip. We will eventually throw a big reception once the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders are lifted and it is safe to do so. We are trying to look on the bright side of things and put more money aside so we can go all-out when it comes to going on our honeymoon.”
What they’re doing now:
“I am employed with Whole Foods, although I have not been back to work since moving in with my elderly father. My husband used to work in the entertainment industry, for a company called Dye Hard Fan Supply. He would fly into towns around the United States to sell merchandise for different events. Since all the events are cancelled, he will not have work in that field until it is safe to have large events again. We are both looking for low exposure jobs right now.”
Newlyweds in lockdown:
“I keep asking him everyday if he’s tired of me! I guess once you spend all your time with someone with no break, you really get to know every single little thing there is to know about them!”
The “blessings boss”:
“We have been keeping extremely busy with giving back to our community by dropping off boxes of food to people in Oak Cliff as well as maintaining our blessing box outside of our home.”