A post circulating on social media claims that the Kiest Park sculpture dedicated to Oak Cliff’s famous Vaughan brothers is damaged due to the city’s negligence.

The post, from Facebook user Mary Lou Sullivan, has several problems. First, the city spent $89,831 on the monument to Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan, who grew up near Kiest Park. Friends and fans raised about $75,000 in addition to that.

The City of Dallas had planned to unveil the sculpture in March, but that was delayed because of the coronavirus. So the city installed it and covered it with Tyvek until it could be unveiled to the public officially.

A vandal removed the Tyvek, which is being replaced today, says Kay Kallos, the city’s public art program manager.

The sculpture is not damaged, Kallos says.

“It is made of weathering steel and is aging as planned,” she says. “No treatment is required for this material.”