Jayne Mansfield with her first husband, Sunset High School alumnus Paul Mansfield.

Paul Mansfield grew up in Kessler Park and graduated from Sunset High School in 1950.

He’s most famous for marrying a North Dallas High School girl, Vera Jayne Palmer, who would go on to become a movie star.

Jayne Mansfield lived in Oak Cliff for awhile following her teenage marriage to Paul when she was a high school senior in 1950.

Paul Mansfield died in 2013, and a writer in California is looking for people who were close to him.

Erik Liberman, an actor and director who is writing a book about Mansfield’s life, wants to find “school chums” or anyone else who was close to Mansfield when he lived in Oak Cliff. If you (or your parents or grandparents) knew him, contact Liberman him through his website, erikliberman.org, or at 917.815.6775.