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Move over, box wine. This is 2020.

We need an IV drip, or at least, a wine pouch.

Pouch wine is trending as a way to drink at home. Labels like VRAC sell pretty good wine in pouches instead of bottles, Food & Wine reports. There are even pouch-wine subscription services.

An entrepreneur in Dallas used her bartending prowess to deliver pre-mixed Moscow mules in pouches.

And a couple of Bishop Arts restaurants are all in on adult Capri Suns.

Oddfellows has a frozé (that’s frozen rosé) pouch.

And Taco Y Vino has a kalimotxo, which is a frozen cocktail of wine and cola that’s popular in Spain.

Taco Y Vino owner Jimmy Contreras says he got the idea from Encanto Pops, which sells customizable aguas frescas in pouches (see below).

“It was a cool way to package our frozen kalimotxo and not have a ton of waste,” he says. “Even the branding is just a paint stamp. I hate how much waste our once low-waste restaurant is producing right now.”

The frozen kalimotxo at Taco Y Vino costs $14 for 16 ounces or $7 for 8 ounces.

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Pinkies up, gang.

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