Dirty horchata from CocoAndré

CocoAndré Chocolatier is now CocoAndré Chocolatier and Horchatería.

The locally owned business started selling horchata, a Mexican drink made with rice milk and cinnamon, a few years ago. Their “dirty horchata,” which is topped with a shot of espresso, is popular. And the shop also serves horchata in flavors including matcha, prickly pear, strawberry, piña colada, mocha, marzapan, pecan and cacao. They’re all made in house by chocolatier Andréa Pedraza.

The drinks have done so well through these lean times that the family-owned business decided to make them part of their identity, becoming what is possibly the first “horchatería” in Dallas.

It’s not just horchata. They also sell house-made aguas frescas in hibiscus and tamarind, which can be served with a shot of espresso. And then there are concoctions like the bru-cha-leta, cold brew served with an horchata paleta.

The bru-cha-leta from CocoAndré

Besides that, CocoAndré is a gift shop that sells stickers and cards, all from Latinx- and women-owned companies.

The shop hopes to reopen for customers soon. For now, they offer online ordering, and you can pick up from their porch or have orders brought to your car.

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Chocolatier & Horchateria We started selling horchata and dirty horchatas a few years back. Doing pop-ups with our paleta cart @fcbrewing and around town. Then events got canceled and we went into survival mode & focused on our drinks, we now serve more than 5 flavors of horchata like matcha, pecan, prickly pear, fresa, pina colada & cacao. Then we added agua de Jamaica & agua de tamarindo with espresso, Pinole, and for fall we will be focusing back on coffee. How about an horchata latte served hot. So this 2020 year is the year we decided to add on to our name. We are now an Horchateria as well. I joke with my mom did you ever think horchata would be part of your craft. Thank you to everyone that has supported our journey. • • • • • #horchata #horchatalatte #horchateria #dairyfree #dairyfreehorchata #dallascoffee #dallascoffee #dallascoffeeshop #cafe #bishopartsdistrict #dirtyhorchata #horchatapop #horchataicedcoffee #pivot

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