This Present Moment by artist Alicia Eggert is one of many works of art that will be on display at Area 3 | Image courtesy of Aurora Dallas

Known for his biennial immersive art exhibit AURORA, Oak Cliff-based artist Joshua King is showcasing the works of several local artists in a socially-distanced exhibit called Area 3. Area 3 will transform 100,000 square feet of a downtown Dallas parking garage into an exhibition with large-scale light, video and sound installations. All of these installations, as well as additional performances, can be seen from the safety of the beholders’ cars. 

Artists on the Area 3 line up include Alicia Eggert, Blake Weld and Danielle Georgiou. With Area 3, King and aim to help local artists who have lost gigs and revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We hope that Area 3 will give the public a glimmer of hope beyond their screens, and will provide our community with the opportunity to experience art and culture for the first time in over seven months,” said King in a statement. “With the loss of work opportunities for the artistic community as well as the event industry—which we have relied on for so many of our initiatives—our sincerest hope is that Area 3 gives us a view into a new future together across industries.”

Area 3 will take place in the Dal Park Parking Garage (1600 Commerce St., Dallas) from October 1, 2020–January 1, 2021. Tickets and time slots can be purchased at