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North Texas’ own Stormy Daniels clapped back at the First Lady of the United States this week after Melania Trump called her a “porn hooker” in secretly recorded audio released last week.

It was an ugly exchange of words among the First Lady and the woman who sold her silence to President Trump.

Daniels, a porn star, is only the latest sexy Dallas blonde whose bodacious physique and Western wink drew admirers and haters from all around.

Decades ago, Bubbles Cash, a stripper, was that Alice from Dallas.

She danced at the Carousel Club, owned by Lee Harvey Oswald assassin Jack Ruby.

And she she is part of a Dallas legend that Tex Schramm was inspired to create the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders after Cash caused a spectacle at the Cotton Bowl by walking down the steps to her 50-yard-line seat seat wearing a mini skirt and carrying cotton candy.

She ran as a write-in candidate for Texas Governor in 1967 with an anti-Vietnam War campaign. And she ran again in 1990.

That year, the Dallas Morning News reported that Cash was a 43-year-old gold and silver jewelry saleswoman who had given up exotic dancing in 1970, and she was running on the slogans “Texas needs Cash” and “Bet on Bubbles.”

This 2017 story about Cash and her daughter says she ran Top Cash, a jewelry store in Fort Worth, at the time.

She all but admitted she was doing it for the publicity: “Who in politics is not in it for publicity? Who is not?”

This next quote reminds us of another Dallas blonde of late, Shelley Luther, a hairdresser, who’s running for Texas Senate.

“This is cattle country. This is not sheep country down here,” Cash told the newspaper in 1990. “We’re free-thinking people. We have minds of our own.”

In the 1960s and ’70s, she was a household name in Dallas, and you would’ve seen her on the local TV news.

Cash was very much in the public eye, and then she wasn’t. Not much is known about her other than the high publicity bullet points. She’s still alive and winking as far as we know.

The G. William Jones Film and Video Collection at SMU recently digitized several news stories featuring Cash. All of them, tragically, are silent. But they fully display her beauty and swagger.

It just goes to show, with apologies to Hank Williams Jr.: If you dye your hair blonde and troll politicians all day long, it’s a Dallas tradition.