Comedian Madison Shepard appeared on the NPR gameshow “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” Saturday, and she shouted out our neighborhood.

Shepard was on the show with her pal and comedy partner Danielle Perez.

When the quiz-show’s host Ophira Eisenberg asks Shepard and Perez if they know anything about sports, Shepard replies:

“I was raised in a feminist household in Dallas, Texas, and my mother was very anti football, very anti video game, so there’s a lot of cultural things that I don’t understand.”

Later, she says she was unfamiliar with Puff the Magic Dragon:

“I grew up in the ‘hood in Dallas. Shout out to Oak Cliff, Texas. We knew about a different Puff the Magic Dragon.”

Shepard is a standup comedian living in Los Angeles. Listen to her “Ask Me Another” segment below.