True Crime: Arson on the front porch

Martha Lara and her daughter had called it a night, and curled into bed on a chilly mid-October evening. What they woke up to would be quite shocking and unnerving.

True Crime: Burglary

Tom Wesson loves his work, and loves the area. Unfortunately, despite tight security, his own home in the Beverly Hills neighborhood recently became the target of a crafty crook.

True Crime: Criminal mischief

It was a nice evening, and Paul Williams and his wife were passing some time in their living room. The next thing he knew, something had shattered the window in his rear office.

True Crime: Burglary of a vehicle

Aber Leija’s truck was parked in front of his house with some tools inside. Leija’s 17-year-old son, Jaziel, happened to be walking to the front of the home, and saw someone enter the truck.

True Crime #10

The tracks in the snow signaled the crook’s path. Record snowfall blanketed the area on Feb.11-12, and Roger Pickett and…