Jerri Locke, Methodist Health System‘s Senior Access program director, decided to call her new blog "The Finest Years" as opposed to "The Golden Years". "I know well enough that at times "Golden Years" does not seem to fit," she explains in an email announcing the blog.

Her plan is to post about all kinds of things in the area — activities, resources, events, health screenings, websites, discounts, and "so many things that make it easier to age. … I get so much good information every day on my job, this seemed like a good way to disperse it," she says.

Locke started the blog just last week, and already has written about everything from line dancing classes to deep vein thrombosis to a summer camp for grandparents and grandchildren. She targets her content not only to seniors, but also to "the sandwich generation" — parents both raising their children and helping their own parents through the aging process.