The DMN has this story on the school district’s in-house rankings this morning, which pinpoints a few reasons that the neighborhood high school received this status. The story states that the ranking system "purports to evaluate how well schools perform in relation to the demographics of the students they serve. In other words, the schools that do the best job with the kids they have."

This month’s Oak Cliff Advocate (which should reach your doorstep soon) features three outstanding Sunset students — Eidi Lule, Jose Ortiz and Jesus Villegas. When I interviewed Lule, she mentioned that most people have a poor perception of her school, and I asked her why she thinks that is.

"Sunset has a bad repution, but it has a really good AP program," Lule told me. "It was more of a gang-related place in 2000 until 2005 when I got here — and it’s Oak Cliff. But I thought it was a pretty nice neighborhood."