Conservationists have until August to find a buyer for the 95-year-old Oak Cliff Christian Church or lose it to the Dallas school district, which has plans to level it in favor of tennis courts. But they might be getting closer to a sale.

Email correspondence from Old Oak Cliff Conservation League attorney John McCall says there are “two qualified serious entities seeking to place an offer on the church.” McCall doesn’t reveal much about the offers. But one sticking point could be parking. “Each of these entities would be housing a great deal of employees and visitors,” McCall’s email states. And they would need a parking lot.

DISD owns a parking lot that the building’s most recent tenant, a church congregation, used. But that’s not part of the sale.

McCall proposed three solutions to the parking problem to DISD attorneys, who shot them down.

Open this pdf to read DISD attorneys’ response to McCall’s questions.

After conservationist’s lawsuits last year hindered the school district’s plans to tear down and rebuild Adamson High School, DISD started buying property in the area with plans to build a new school. The church is one of them. The conservation league filed a lawsuit to try and stop the school district from destroying the old building. The school district agreed earlier this year to allow the league to try and sell the church, which is listed at $1.2 million. If conservationists don’t find a buyer in time, then DISD regains full control.