An email from Old Oak Cliff Conservation League lawyer John McCall this morning communicates a lack of hope for the Oak Cliff Christian Church. DISD owns the building but agreed in February to allow conservationists to try to sell the building by Aug. 16. If the league doesn’t find a buyer before Aug. 16, DISD can go ahead with plans to demolish the century old building. The school district has plans to use the lot at 10th and Crawford as sports facilities for the planned new high school to replace Adamson High School.

So far, no offers on the church have panned out. McCall says he tried to change the agreement to state that anyone who wants to move the church before Aug. 16 could have it, and the lawyers for DISD agreed with that concept. But the school board cannot approve the change, as would be required, because it doesn’t meet until after Aug. 16.

McCall’s email today states, “My gut instinct tells me that DISD’s demolition company, Phillips, is starting to fill the diesel tanks of their equipment to have them ready for action at 7:05 a.m. on August 17, 2010.”