There are three grilled chicken places that cater to the Hispanic market within about a mile of my house, and all of them are locally owned.

First, there is Pollo Fiesta, which I have written about here before. The restaurant is on Hampton between 12th and Clarendon, and its tagline, I think, translates to “put some chicken in your party,” which makes me giggle.

I’ve been back three times so far for the Fiesta Salad. It is a taco salad with grilled peppers, white cheese, lots of warm shredded chicken, spicy guacamole, sour cream and four ripe tomato wedges. It is a big, hearty salad that I can’t stop craving.

Next is El Pollo Regio. I tried their chicken mole when the local chain opened a location near White Rock Lake almost two years ago. And it was about what you’d expect from fast-food mole — a little bland, but with very moist chicken. It was fine, but I wouldn’t order it again.

Last week, I went to the West Davis location and tried the chicken burrito, which was just fajita chicken and cheese inside a big grilled tortilla, served with sour cream and guacamole on the side. It was fine too. But I have yet to find something at Pollo Regio that would keep me coming back. Although their extensive menu gives me reasons to try again.

And finally, I tried Pollo Salsa. This place has the biggest menu of all. Aside from grilled chicken, they have flautas, burritos, tacos, four salads, nachos, quesadillas, two kinds of soup, tortas and the surprise — stuffed baked potatoes.

The grilled chicken was a little dry and certainly no better than Pollo Fiesta’s. But I really liked the charro beans, and this place has a salsa bar with seven — SEVEN! — types of salsa, plus grilled jalepenos and pickled onions, the latter of which seems to be a standard of these grilled chicken joints. The salsa bar alone is a reason to go back. I only got to try three of the seven while I was there, and I liked all of them.

Salsa Pollo also has house-made desserts including flan, tres leches cake and cheesecake, which actually looked more like buttermilk pie. A handwritten sign describes is as “pay de queso”, so I’m not sure. Maybe I will try it and report back to you.