Convenience store owner Jin Kim Ha, 64, was killed by a robber on Sunday, July 3. Ha was killed outside the store she owns with her husband, which is just outside our neighborhood, at Illinois and Overton. Police have charged one suspect in the case with capital murder and are looking for other suspects.

A Dallas police officer who lives in Oak Cliff was charged with domestic violence Wednesday.

This is an interesting story about a mob of people who overcame a convenience store near our neighborhood and took what they wanted. Shoplifting is a big problem in our neighborhood, and police say it increases in the summertime and around the holidays. But the strange part about this story is the first sentence: “The upkeep and cleanliness of Sam Farah’s (Oak Cliff) convenience store could rival any in North Dallas.” Wow. You mean his store is as clean as a store in North Dallas? That’s impressive. North Dallas stores are so clean, you know? And everything in Oak Cliff is so shabby all the time. (Yes, sarcasm.)

Lockhart Smokehouse, which is featured in the July Advocate, relented on its no-sauce stance. Sign of the apocalypse? Next thing, they’ll offer forks.

The Dallas Morning News ran a very good story this week about how ice-cream vendors, those hardworking paleteros, get robbed all the time. The story is behind a paywall, but the story points to the case of a 79-year-old man kicked so hard by robbers that they dislocated his shoulder. A 35-year-old paletero called police recently when he was robbed at gunpoint, but police say they think most ice-cream vendor robberies go unreported. Paleteros make about $60 a day.

Unfair Park has the Feds’ search warrant in the investigation of county commissioner John Wiley Price.

The city’s gas drilling task force meets next week for the first time.