Kidd Springs Park adults-only swim: Not so cool

Finding a place to swim is one of the challenges of summertime in Dallas. We haven’t got a Barton Springs Pool like Austin or rivers cold and wide like in the Hill Country and South Texas. We are so far from any beach.

We do have public pools though. The pool at Kidd Springs park was closed two years ago because of budget cuts, but it is open this summer.

So when I heard that the Kidd Springs Park pool would be open from 5-8 p.m. Sunday for adults only, I thought that was really good news. Children are great. I like them, but I don’t always want them in my pool.

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It was hot Sunday, high of 101. But my pal Erica and I decided to ride bikes over to adult swim at Kidd Springs from her house near W.E. Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy. It’s only about a mile and a half.

The Kidd Springs park pool at 5 p.m. Sunday.

As we approached the park, we noticed the pool was virtually empty. Awesome. Erica turned to me with a big grin and said, “We should make a Facebook invitation and get all our friends to come out next time.” Then she pointed to nearby picnic tables. “And we can cookout too!” Yes, adult swim at Kidd Springs Park could become a thing, I agreed. It only costs $3, and you can bring in food. Alas, our hopes for starting the new Cliffster craze were dashed when we approached the cashier.

Erica forgot to bring her ID card. “It’s 18 and up only. I can’t let you in without ID,” the cashier told us. “I have to do everyone the same way.” He wouldn’t let us in. We pleaded. “We’re on our bikes,” Erica told him. “I’m so hot and tired, there’s no way I can ride all the way home right now. Please.”

But no. He would not let us in. It doesn’t matter if you’re 80 or 18, you have to have ID to get into adult-only swim at Kidd Springs Park, according to this guy, the one on the right, wearing flip flops with socks. His name is Dwight.

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So I started to get hyper with Dwight. I argued. I almost lost my temper: “You have been very unpleasant. Thanks a lot for letting us use our pool that we pay for.”

We sat on a bench outside the pool, resting for our ride back. I was mad as a wet hen. Then I realized: This is the perfect example of why Dallas is not cool. It’s what’s wrong with city government and every bureaucracy. A pool cashier apparently doesn’t think he has the authority to allow a 29-year-old woman to swim without ID. Weak sauce. Dallas is lame, again.

The pleading about being too hot to ride was real. Erica couldn’t make it all the way up the hill on Canty to Tyler. She was starting to become confused. She wasn’t sweating. So we started walking, and then we decided to stop.

Yes, she’s young and beautiful. And she turns 30 on Sept. 16.

Luckily, it’s Oak Cliff, and people will help you here. So this guy, Matt from Oak Cliff Bicycle Co., came to our rescue. He picked us up with our bikes and gave us a ride back to Erica’s.

Once we cooled off and drank some water, we decided to go to East Dallas and the Fraternal Order of Eagles pool. It costs $7 to get in there, $4 more than the pool that rebuffed us. The cashier fitted us with “Over 21” wristbands without asking for ID.

Later, I overheard Erica telling her mom the story about Kidd Springs pool. And I could hear her mom on the other end of the phone: “Well, you should’ve had your ID, then.”

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  • Is Kidd Springs still doing this on Sundays? I couldn’t find any specific information on this other than this blog post.

  • If the initial intent was to promote something new, hip and cool in OC, it’s probably best not to bash it at the same time. I’m pretty sure people read the paper to gain useful information and don’t want to read a public temper tantrum.
    Since riding in 101 degree weather, in any state, is highly unadvised, it would have been smarter to carpool instead and would therefore require a DL/ID to be had.

    Thank you for sharing this information, btw, it’s good to know.

  • OMG. You b!tches are total mouthbreathers. Go back to Austin or Williamburg or whatever city you pretend to come from.

  • I love that the both of you rode your bikes to the park for a swim! I do not like that you were both unprepared without water and dehydrated. If she was not sweating at the time you were getting ready to leave chances are she never started. One and one half miles is not  long enough to lose proper hydration. Hi, welcome to Texas, it’s hot here, get a clue. Also, you nor your friend are the exception, get over yourself and cary your ID. Don’t ask Dwight to lean on the rules for you. He is a nice guy and doesn’t deserve your BS.  

  • Maybe “Dwight” was just doing his job, but no one should wear sandals with flip flops. Ever. Period.

  • You guys need to stop picking on city employees. “Dwight” was only doing his job, as much as you wanted him to bend the rules for you.

  • I agree with OCD.  Jasso has to get involved because the guy at the pool was doing his JOB?  Certainly we have more pressing issues in Oak Cliff.   If she doesn’t know about them I’d be happy to send her a detailed list. 

  • If that poor guy gets in trouble and loses his job because he was simply doing the job he was told to do, then there WILL be a lot of backlash and posting and press on that.   Don’t think that’s not true and don’t think a LOT of people won’t jump on THAT bandwagon. And don’t think I’m not going to research this. Ridiculous.

  • Good lord people.  If he was just doing his job, perhaps he didn’t bend the rules because he wants to keep his job.  People DO get fired for bending rules.  I hope this doesn’t get him in trouble or cause him to lose his job.  Jobs aren’t easy to find. If he gets in trouble then THAT would be something to get in an uproar about.  This is something that causes concern to Delia Jasso.  I am really shocked at that.  I didn’t know the pool was even open and I will for sure be going there. After I make sure Dwight still works there.

  • I imagine that it would have gotten even more unpleasant if she had drown and turned out to be 17.  Not everyone is a good judge of age by sight. 

  • Rachel,
    I am so sorry this happened to you. We will correct this situation. You should be getting a call from our Aquatics director Robin by tomorrow.
    Again, sorry and hope to get you and lots of friends in the Kidd Springs pool  as soon as possible. 

  •  I’ve been turned away from a bar for having an expired license before. In that case, I wouldn’t complain. Well, I wouldn’t complain so publicly, anyway.

  •  understood…I’ve just been on the other side of that ID’ing people (though it was TABC stuff) and it sucks to have someone treat you like you made the policy, so I defend the person asking for ID pretty quickly 🙂

    That being said, I’m sorry you had a crappy Sunday evening.

  • He was not rude. He said he was the manager, but he wouldn’t make a judgement call on whether my friend was over 18. This isn’t TABC stuff. It’s getting into a public pool. It’s not bending the rules. She’s 29. That’s what I found unpleasant.

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