Despite the obvious awkwardness of photographing strangers made famous for eating, there’s the perpetual question of how to make a unique environmental portrait.

For this shot of Bill Warwick dining at El Corazon, I’d already run the gambit of maneuvering around Bill to make photos: angled sideways, from a distance, sitting across from him and hovering above him.

Then I spun around and noticed the wall coverings behind the bar. If I angled my camera just so I could frame Bill in the reflection of a mirror.

Holding myself steady in the correct position was a bit of a pilates workout (which is normal) and then it was just a matter of waiting for the right moment after Bill and his playful demeanor engaged the wait staff.

While this portrait didn’t run in print, it’s a reminder that turning a bland portrait into an engaging one is sometimes just a matter of looking around the room.

(A final note for gear heads: I used a 105-mm macro lens at 1/30 at f/4 at ISO 800. Despite its label as a macro lens, the 105-mm is a stunning multi-purpose telephoto with vibration reduction. Best of all, it’s sharp as all get out. Seriously.)

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