Get free high-efficiency toilets from City of Dallas

potPart of a water-conservation effort, the City of Dallas Water Utilities offers free high-efficiency toilets to qualified applicants.

I have a bad pool with a mystery leak that is causing enormous maintenance misery and shocking water bills. Shocking. Meanwhile, following an unrelated home-repair crisis, I also have a bathroom under construction. So, as I do with all personal, financial, home-maintenance, medical, etc. problems, I turned first to the internet for possible solutions; at some point I came across Dallas’ “New Throne for Your Home” toilet replacement program, which might actually address a teeny bit of both issues.

“WaterSense® certified toilets ensure great performance and reduce water consumption. You can apply to receive up to two toilets,” according to the city’s site. ” This program does not replace existing 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) toilets. A rebate option is also available for up to $90 per toilet (excluding taxes). Customers are responsible for picking up the toilets, having them installed, and disposing of the old toilets so they are not reused.”

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Current City of Dallas Water Utilities customers who have a toilet installed prior to 1994 qualify. (Hmm, where did we put that old toilet.)

Here, find the finer details and application.

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Here’s a letter to the Dallas Morning News Editor from a happy customer.

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