ioObMrCWRibLTlzQDXeP121hFYsWaRSN5q_fLzBrVLY,I5APQDHAIXPLEXzKDmKOo6TK9o6ra16jWd-qonvIMoo,oZbIKin20fdC2Ti0d1LUc7UeF7I8I9TAIxOj9g3M4wc,WlOKzu3Ud5jmfHSqA2zYD3L_w1zm7BCWA8_KfUjtUioThe Nasher Sculpture Center commissioned 10 public artworks around the city to celebrate its 10th anniversary, and they opened this past weekend.

One of the Nasher Xchange works on our side of the river, at 2226 Exeter in East Oak Cliff, is from Lara Almarcegui of the Netherlands. Her “Buried House” is just that. Almarcegui worked with Dallas Area Habitat Humanity to find a house that was slated to be demolished in Oak Cliff Gardens. Once the house was torn down, Almarcegui buried its remains on site.

“The buried remains of a house offer an opportunity for reflection on the transition and rebirth of one of Dallas’s oldest neighborhoods,” the Nasher states in a description.

The “Buried House” is on display from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. seven days a week through Feb. 16. Tours of all 10 works also are available.