photoSome ding dong with a paint can needs a hug. This person, who calls himself Cure, must be feeling left out, since he or she tagged the Sour Grapes’ new city-funded mural on the Jefferson Viaduct with this message: “Yall never ran the streets.”

We presume Cure’s feelings are hurt because Sour Grapes is so high profile. The artists collective has nabbed big commissions from the Dallas Contemporary (Sylvan at Fort Worth Avenue) and the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs (Jefferson Viaduct). Plus, Sour Grapes ringleader Carlos Donjuan, who is the married father of a toddler and an art professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, is making an impression on the art world. One of his paintings recently appeared on the cover of the periodical “New American Paintings,” for example. The painting, “Dreamers,” currently is on display in Milan, Italy.

So I get that Cure needs a nap, maybe, or a tissue, or perhaps just a pillow to cry himself to sleep on. But, dammit, Cure! We had to work to pay the taxes that funded that mural. Don’t you know money doesn’t grow on trees? This is why we can’t have nice things. Now go to your room and think about what you’ve done.